Namibia Shuttle Service

Namibia Shuttle Service

The Windhoek, Walvis and Swakopmund have a number of private taxi operators taking visitors to the different destinations. The visitors are advised to call cab by phone rather than hailing them on the street.

Namibia has fairly establishes shuttle services which run to and fro townships and commercial areas. The routes here are very flexible and passengers can get out anywhere. You will need to inform the driver prior boarding the shuttle, as if the vehicle do not go on your route, you will be redirected to the right vehicle.

Renting a car is also possible in Namibia. Traffic is light and most of the countries attractions can be reached easily by driving

Namibia does not have city busses, but getting around the city is easy with taxis and shared taxis.

Rail travels are not developed as visitors might hope more on freight rather than passenger services. Trains are quite low and most of the routes run overnight.

Airport Transfers Windhoek

To and from Windhoek International Airport and Eros Airport, Windhoek.

Transfer: Hosea Kutako Airport to Windhoek
  • 1 Pax - N$350.00
  • 2 Pax - N$240.00 each
  • 3 Pax - N$280.00 each
  • 4 - 8 Pax - N$300.00 each
Transfer: Eros Airport to Accommodation
  • 1 Pax - N$150
  • 1 Pax – 180 each

In town transfers

Anywhere around town.

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